Wellbeing at Work event comes to Edinburgh

The wellbeing revolution has had a huge impact on the workplace, with employers recognising that an engaged workforce can make a significant contribution to business performance. The Wellbeing at Work Event 2016 is an unrivalled opportunity for HR professionals, business managers and consultants to ‘Join the Conversation’, hear and learn from the experts, participate in wellbeing discussions and take away the tools to implement change within their own organisations.

Campaigners, broadcasters, business leaders and even the Prime Minister are talking about mental health and wellbeing to help break the stigma, improve awareness and understand the importance of our mental wellbeing. It is estimated that over 70% of UK employers do not have a formal mental health policy for employees even though it is one of the top reasons for long-term absenteeism and costs the UK economy billions every year.

The Wellbeing at Work Event takes place at the Assembly Rooms in central Edinburgh on 26 April and aims to change the workplace environment through Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Wellbeing. Statistics show that work related illnesses are on the increase with stress being one of the top five reasons for long term absence, whereas a highly engaged workforce could reduce staff turnover by 87%.  Through investing in the health and wellbeing of employees, this event can help companies tackle both of these issues for their staff and company. Through a programme of 17 influential speakers, debating panels, workshops and networking sessions, the event will focus on enhancing individual and organisational performance in companies across Scotland and Europe.

Speakers at the event include leading wellbeing experts and industry pioneers from major Scottish and international businesses including Standard Life, Finmeccanica, CSMA Club, the CIPD, Investors in People Scotland, NHS Scotland & Mojo Publishing to name just a few.

For more information, go to http://edinburgh.wellbeingatworkevent.com