How to maintain mental health in the workplace

Did you know?  Work related stress, depression & anxiety causes the loss of 9.9 million working days per year (source: HSE’s Labour Force Report)  Work makes up a significant proportion of our lives. For many, it is a key source of stresses and successes, meaning it has the power to challenge us not only mentally[…]

Wellbeing at Work event comes to Edinburgh

The wellbeing revolution has had a huge impact on the workplace, with employers recognising that an engaged workforce can make a significant contribution to business performance. The Wellbeing at Work Event 2016 is an unrivalled opportunity for HR professionals, business managers and consultants to ‘Join the Conversation’, hear and learn from the experts, participate in wellbeing discussions[…]

Conflict and mental health

In our mental health awareness training we regularly talk about there being a link between conflict and mental health issues. Our own experience, both as employment lawyers and people, tells us that mental health problems (and in particular stress and stress induced depression) can be both the cause of and caused by conflict in the[…]