4 point plan to boost workplace wellbeing in 2017

There are a few issues about at the moment – retention, stress, workplace wellbeing, and now the pesky Brexit is throwing spanners into the works all over the place.


There’s only one thing to do to make 2017 habitable – and that’s to come out fighting. We can’t help you with Brexit but we can show you the opportunities – and they are huge.


State of the nation in 2016


From the thousands of surveys that have passed through the WeThrive system in the last year we have pulled out some common themes that almost certainly apply in your sector. If you’re not sure where to focus your New Year’s management resolutions, think about these issues, because they are opportunities to shine in January:


  1. There are knowledge gaps in most people’s heads. In fact people spend about a quarter of their time at work wondering if they know enough to do their job well. So spend some of your contact time checking on what people would like to know better – use our no-blame language framework to get a positive result.
  2. There are also knowledge gaps between people in the same team. About a third of all time at work is compromised by difficulty sharing knowledge between people who work together, leading to inefficiency and sometimes conflict. So another priority is to find out where the messages are going astray and getting confused – because if your team have a clear, unambiguous, shared picture of what they are trying to do they will do it better. They’ll feel better too.
  3. Staff are feeling ignored, often by their manager, but sometimes because of factors like remote working. Over a third of work time people feel they are not getting enough human contact, and that matters because we are a social species and need to feel connected to others. The good news is, managers and fellow staff can keep an eye on the knowledge gaps while checking in.
  4. Opportunities for recognition are being missed. It’s one of the most powerful ways to reinforce motivation, and one of the easiest, but how often are your people being acknowledged for their contributions? The chances are it’s not enough, but this could be a real quick win for 2017.


Take WeThrive for a spin (on us) and find out where the opportunities are in your teams to make 2017 a bumper year!

Andrew Heath, Co-Founder, We Thrive